Forschung und Entwicklung

Quicker off the mark than the rest. Never take anything for granted. Do not be satisfied with existing standards. This is the school of thought with which highly motivated specialists at our parent company odelo carry out research and development work on new technologies and creative product concepts. These are then put into practice in future vehicle generations and new fields of application. Today's development results secure tomorrow's business.

We actively pursue new pioneering product developments. For instance, one of the milestones at odelo are own developed LED technologies or intelligent adaptive rear lights. We develop and produce technologically challenging lighing components.

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ULO | Addresses

Administration department:
Hedelfinger Straße 137
70329 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 18563 - 250
Fax: +49 711 18563 - 4370

Dispatch Warehouse:
Steinzeugstraße 94
68229 Mannheim